David Chilton Profile

David Chilton
1995, BA (Economics)
2006, DLitt (HC)

In 1985, Dave Chilton won the prestigious H.L. Gassard Memorial Award for achieving the highest score in the country on the Canadian Securities Course, which he followed up with a successful career as a stockbroker. But Chilton’s work in personal finance was just getting started. Drawing from his other skills as a teacher and writer, Chilton published a book, The Wealthy Barber, in 1989 that explained personal financial management in a way that was smart, funny, and surprisingly understandable.  It was a ground-breaking approach and an instant hit with many Canadians seeking the knowledge and confidence to manage their own personal finances.


The Wealthy Barber is still ranked as Canada’s all-time bestselling book by a Canadian author, with over three million copies sold. Its sequel, The Return of the Wealthy Barber, has just hit the shelves.


Chilton’s entrepreneurial streak has led him to other business ventures, including publisher and company president of the Looneyspoons, Crazy Plates, and Eat, Shrink & Be Merry cookbooks by Greta and Janet  Podleski. He has also hosted two critically-acclaimed specials on PBS in the United States and appears on national programs, such as the CBC’s The Hour.


Chilton’s skills as a financial expert, humourist and professional speaker are widely known across Canada.  In the midst of his highly successful career, he returned to Laurier to complete his Economics degree in 1995.