Faculty Mentoring Award

The Faculty Mentoring Award is presented annually to a Laurier faculty member in recognition of their outstanding mentorship and support to undergraduate students and/or graduate students while the students are completing independent research.  The recipient will have provided significant, positive mentoring to encourage and support students engaged in research.  The recipient will have been on faculty at Laurier for a minimum of three years and will have a track record of strong mentorship to a number of students over the years.



Please note that the deadline for all applications is February 22, 2016.


Faculty  Mentoring Award Criteria

1. Provides exceptional advice and assistance to the quality of student research, including papers and/or posters for presentation

2. Provides a generosity of time and other measures of success at mentoring i.e., providing editorial and/or substantive feedback, steering students to learning materials, suggesting ways to approach or reorganize a topic

3. Encourages students to reach their full potential

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In addition to submitting the form above, the following supportive materials must be received in order for your nomination to be considered.

1. A brief letter from the nominator addressing how the candidate meets the criteria outlined in the award (max. 2 pages). 

2. Testimonial letters (max. 5 letters with no more than 2 pages in length per letter). 

  • A minimum of one and a maximum of two letters must be from a fellow faculty member
  • A minimum of one letter must be from students that have been mentored by the nominee

Please indicate how you heard of this award:


Word of mouth


All materials should be sent to:

The Laurier Awards of Excellence Committee

c/o Alumni Relations Office

Wilfrid Laurier University

75 University Ave. W

Waterloo, ON   N2L 3C5

Fax: 519-747-2106

Telephone: 519-884-1970 ext. 3180

Email: alumni@wlu.ca

Electronic submission preferred. 

Non-winning nominations will be kept on file for one year. Each year the nominator will be contacted and asked if he/she would like the nomination to be brought forward. At this time, nominators will be able to provide updated information to the original nomination package.