Community Campaign

Tara MacLeod

Meet Tara.

She’s an exceptional fourth-year social work student who is thriving at Laurier thanks to donors like you. With an impressive work ethic and an incredibly grateful attitude for all the support she is receiving, Tara exemplifies Laurier’s best, especially when you find out that she is also a single-mother who decided to earn her university degree after being in the workforce for many years.

“It’s not like it was 20 years ago when having a university degree didn’t matter. It does matter now,” she explained. “And I didn’t want to put boundaries on what I could do.”

With a little girl to take care of, this single mother set out to find a university that would empower her to complete her educational goals while also raising her child. “I am glad I chose Laurier. It has turned out to be an amazing school, and I feel very grateful to call myself a student here.”

As Laurier faculty or staff, you go above and beyond – working to make life better for students, like Tara. Every day, you contribute to our university in countless ways, from fostering learning to mentoring and championing our talented students.

All of our students, alumni, faculty and staff – including you – are catalysts. Working together we are helping to inspire students, like Tara, to be catalysts to change the world around them.

Through your support with a donation to Laurier, you make this possible. You can Be The Catalyst for Laurier students by making a donation today. Start making donations through payroll contributions, today.